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Revline is ARAISON MEDIX’s signature hair removal equipment which uses in depth three wavelenght diode technology.



Basing on the selective light absorption theory, we let the diode laser generated by laser hair removal machine pass through the skin surface and penetrate the hair follicles by adjusting the wavelength, energy, and the pulse width to realize the hair removal purpose. In the hair follicle and hair shaft, there are plentiful melanin spreading between the follicle matrices and moving to the hair shaft structure. Once the melanin has absorbed the energy of laser, it will show a sharp rise in temperature and lead to destroy upon the surrounding follicle tissue. In this way, the unwanted hair will be removed completely.


  • Hair removal completely and permanently. Pain free, safe fast and effective
  • Applicable to any hair¬†color
  • Applicable to all skin types
  • Improved latest types of diode laser machine
  • 10.4 inch high sensitive touch screen
  • 10 German bars, better effect & longer lifetime
  • Excellent sapphire contact cooling

Revline is carefully designed and curated in USA to cater to the latest technology demands of our clients. FDA and CE approved.



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