Araison Medix


Araison Medix is a laser aesthetic equipment company. We manufacture and supply all types of skin treatment laser machines world-wide

All our machines are FDA and CE approved with proper certification of usage and operations in any capacity.

If you are a trained cosmetologist, dermatologist or for that matter, a beautician, you don’t need any training as our machine manual is user friendly and guides step by step. But ideally, it is best to use these machines having a certified degree.

Yes, we have our own line of ARAISON MEDIX diode, hydrafacial and CO2 fractional.

Having a strong history in healthcare solutions and bio-medical, we use 3 wavelength cutting-edge laser technology which factors in Alexandrite and ND-YAG. Our components and parts are German. Given being an American Brand, we have competitive prices compared to other laser machines to address the vast majority of the field.

Apart from having our own line, we have distribution of Sincoheren Tech ltd and Sanhe Beauty. Both these companies fall under the top world aesthetic manufacturers along with Araison Medix products.

We have 3 different pricing plans which you can chose with your own feasibility.
1- Full purchase
2- Leasing
3- Rentals

We designed and built each machine with the benefit of our client in mind. We make sure with a good price, the results are extraordinary to convert more cliental and generate the ROI as soon as possible. Most of our clients have an ROI ranging from 5 months to 3 years depending on the foot fall of clients.